Please be patient as we are working hard to update the website with all of our  products while also designing and testing new ones. Contact us with any questions, any time!


Lead time:

Specialty colors and patterns are custom made to order and may take longer than standard items. Items currently listed on the site as "in stock" will likely ship in 3-5 business days (or sooner) provided that no unforeseen circumstances arise. If you are concerned with shipping times please contact us first to clarify. We are currently only able to ship items in the US. AR Systems is not responsible for any items lost during shipping. Orders over $99.99 qualify for FREE shipping!

Manufacturing & Warranty:

All of our products are 100% made in the USA. They come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. If your holster fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will repair or replace it free of charge. You must contact us prior to returning or shipping any items, and will be responsible to pay for return shipping costs. If it appears the holster was damaged intentionally or you attempted to modify it in any way, it will not be covered.


All of our gear attachments can be found and seen in detail Here.

Maintenance and Care:

We strongly recommend that you inspect the condition of your holster prior to each use, as you would a firearm. Damaged holsters, parts or materials could possibly cause a serious injury, and unwanted damage to your firearm. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat may also cause damage to Kydex gear. Repeated use of a holster of any kind may cause wear to your firearm.

Periodically check your items for dust and debris (wiping or blowing compressed air is suggested). It is also recommended that once you receive your holster and configure it to your liking that you apply a “thread locker” to the hardware. Lost hardware will not be covered under warranty.

Custom Orders:

All of our Kydex carriers/holsters are designed using 3D scan data and reverse engineered CAD models. We are trying to build a larger selection of mold tooling at this time. Due to the fact that this process takes a large amount of time and money, we are currently not accepting custom orders. If you see a product on the site that has already been created, and you need it slightly modified please Contact Us. Currently all items are only available in the colors listed on the product page.

Cancel or Return an Item:

Our holsters are designed, manufactured, assembled and shipped in a very small shop owned and operated by two full time LEO’s. At this time, all sales are FINAL and no returns will be accepted. If you wish to cancel an order prior to shipment, it is your responsibility to contact us right away. We will not accept returns for holsters because you sold the gun and don't need it anymore.


We are very grateful for the service and sacrifice of those in the Military and Law Enforcement communities. Due to the fact that we are a LEO owned and operated business, we list all gear at a very fair price for everyone reflective of feedback during testing and evaluation stages.

Terms and Conditions:

Advanced Retention Systems Inc. is not responsible for any accidental discharge of any firearm, or injury caused by your own actions. You are required to understand and follow all state and federal laws regarding the handling and use of firearms. Always test and check the fit of your holster with an unloaded firearm prior to carrying. It is recommended that you practice utilizing our carrier systems with unloaded or safe equipment. Our products are designed to fit factory items, the modification of any weapon system may prevent you from properly utilizing our products. Click on our Privacy Policy to read it.