About Us

Welcome to Advanced Retention Systems Inc., a small local business owned and operated by two full time Law Enforcement Officers. We have been proudly manufacturing top of the line thermoformed holsters and carriers  in the state of CT since 2010! We strive to provide exceptional quality, and careful attention to detail.

With the introduction of formed Kydex holsters to the shooting and Law Enforcement community, many people found that most came with long wait times accompanied by extremely high prices. The DIY part of me decided it was time to give it a shot and after making a few for myself, I was approached by friends and members of the local pistol club for one of a kind custom gear. My process and understanding of this craft has rapidly grown ever since.

After struggling for years trying to find mold tooling that was acceptable, the decision was made to purchase a CNC for the shop so our mold tooling could be dialed into our exact specifications. Fit, finish and the little details are very important to us. We work hard to provide outstanding quality in all of our products which are assembled using the best materials we can find.

The days of folding plastic in a clam shell foam press are over. AR Systems uses cutting edge equipment including 3D Scanners and CNC milling machines to bring you some of the best holsters/carriers on the market. Each item is scanned and reverse engineered, carefully designed and tested vigorously to exceed any and all expectations.

We hope you understand that due to work and life happening in the background, we may not be able respond to you immediately. Please allow some time for email and/or Instagram message responses.

Why is all of this important?  Because we are very picky! If it's not good enough for us to carry, we will not sell it to you. As a full time Police K9 handler, I can assure you, our gear has been proven to stand up to hard, real life use!



Shop supervisor: K9 Gunner

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